Three Lessons I Learned in the Past Year

Hello everyone~ I'm back again, after a long (and difficult) year. It's definitely been a period of some major change and growth, so here's three things that I learned from my year on hiatus: Accept that you cannot change anyone, no matter how much potential you see in them. This concept has been and always will... Continue Reading →

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Beautiful

NOTE: When I say "beautiful" here, I mean it only in the physical sense, so don't bash me for not including people who have amazing personalities, have a good heart, etc. Also, I don't mean to offend anyone in the advice section, this is just my personal opinion! But I do apologize in advance if you... Continue Reading →

On My Way To Freedom

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." - Matthew 11:28 I walked from class to the T stop with a heavy feeling in my heart. It was a beautiful day, but I barely noticed except for the sun's rays beating down on my bare neck. Although... Continue Reading →

Moving Off-Campus: Yay or Nay?

At the beginning of September 2017, I moved from the dorms into a tiny apartment at the edge of campus. Although I had already lived in an apartment for the summer, this was and is going to be my first experience with renting long-term. I thought I had all the knacks down, but boy, was... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Stuffed Toys

Back when I was five years old, my dad bought me a blue and green stuffed dolphin from Toys R' Us as a reward for riding the ferris wheel with him. I named the dolphin Baby Beluga, with the reference to the children's song "Baby Beluga" by Raffi that we sang in school. He was... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay To “Need” Someone

"You have to learn to be independent." This, my friends, is the phrase that everyone tells everyone else when someone feels lonely, depressed, name it. I've felt all of those feelings, and hearing this phrase every time has done nothing to alleviate my troubles. Sure, I've tried working on myself and even enjoy my... Continue Reading →

Be Okay

They say, “nobody’s life is easy.” They say, “always look on the bright side.” How she wishes it can be that easy But every night, her mind unwinds Silken sheets and stained pillows Slip through her fingers like willows Historic scenes and familiar faces Come back to haunt her and bother She wishes that she... Continue Reading →

A Little Brighter

Wandering through the city streets Carrying my demons inside of me Days of sorrow and days of rain Thinking I couldn't escape this pain But out of nowhere, a light appeared Glowing warmly and feeling sincere The hand that held the light came near And guided me home despite my fears So thank you darling... Continue Reading →

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