Three Lessons I Learned in the Past Year

Hello everyone~

I’m back again, after a long (and difficult) year. It’s definitely been a period of some major change and growth, so here’s three things that I learned from my year on hiatus:

  1. Accept that you cannot change anyone, no matter how much potential you see in them. This concept has been and always will be hard for me to grasp. However, after experiencing it twice, I now have a much better understanding of what it means. Accepting that you cannot change anyone means letting the small things go, learning to adapt to another person’s personality and bearing with their flaws, and unless it’s a major deal-breaker, not constantly nagging at them to fit your ideal mold. If someone constantly does things that you simply cannot live with no matter how much you try to negotiate with them about it, you must either accept them as they are right now or let them go. People don’t really change unless they want to do so for themselves.
  2. It’s okay not to be in love with your major or even your career, as long as you are satisfied with the way things are. I am not a very ambitious person who aspires to climb the career ladder as fast as possible. In fact, I’m probably the laziest person ever, but that does not mean that I don’t have a life and/or goals in life. For a while, I’ve been questioning myself whether or not PR is the right career choice for me because I’m a shy extrovert, meaning that I love talking with new people and want to help others, but I’m often unsure of where to begin, thus I become shy. I’m also the type of person who works to live and enjoy life instead of living to build a career. Although this may sound like I’m just making excuses for my lack of passion, I do assure you that I have goals I’m working towards in life – being a better friend, a better teammate, and a better partner. Instead of having career goals, I find that it’s more important to have personal goals so that you aspire to be the best version of yourself in every stage of life so that the right people and career path will eventually find you. Right now, although I’m not gaga over securing the top PR job in America, I will do my best at whichever job I’m assigned to after graduation (hopefully in Boston) so that I can do even better when future opportunities come along.
  3. Always remember who you are and what you stand for, so never compromise your values for anyone or anything. I learned that while it’s totally okay (and even expected) to compromise with others, you should never change who you are or ignore your needs for the sake of someone or something. Sure, sometimes life gets in the way and we all have to put others before ourselves to an extent, but we should not feel like we’re losing sight of our own identities in the process. Once you lose sight of your dreams or who you are at your core, you cannot help anyone else either. Thus, be strong in your values. Live them, preach them, and screw all the haters who tell you that you’re wrong. In conclusion, live for the people you love, live for the people who love you, but most importantly, live for yourself. Once you know who you are, then you can spread that inspiration to the world.

 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,.” – Philippians 3:13

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