Three Lessons I Learned in the Past Year

Hello everyone~ I'm back again, after a long (and difficult) year. It's definitely been a period of some major change and growth, so here's three things that I learned from my year on hiatus: Accept that you cannot change anyone, no matter how much potential you see in them. This concept has been and always will... Continue Reading →


What To Do When You Don’t Feel Beautiful

NOTE: When I say "beautiful" here, I mean it only in the physical sense, so don't bash me for not including people who have amazing personalities, have a good heart, etc. Also, I don't mean to offend anyone in the advice section, this is just my personal opinion! But I do apologize in advance if you... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay To “Need” Someone

"You have to learn to be independent." This, my friends, is the phrase that everyone tells everyone else when someone feels lonely, depressed, name it. I've felt all of those feelings, and hearing this phrase every time has done nothing to alleviate my troubles. Sure, I've tried working on myself and even enjoy my... Continue Reading →

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